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As a Software Development company, we had the opportunity to handle wide numbers of WordPress websites. Since WordPress is very familiar and the fact that it is prone to countless  attacks, we focussed on strengthening it from the security loopholes and fixed various exploits in many websites we came across.

Gathering numerous years of experience in tackling the WordPress security, we were determined to take the WordPress security as a serious profession. This is how WordPressSecurityMasters was born.

Now that we are able to resolve the security exploits, by implementing our best CYBERSECURE practices in the WP websites, most successfully, the support team of WP-WSM (WordPress WebSecurityMasters) people are happy to help you out with the similar protocol/techniques and sort out the threats persistent in your most valued WP websites and make you be a successful website owner for a long run.

We at www.websecuritymasters.com come to work, taking up new challenges every day, to find a solution to the cyber threats happening every micro-second in the world of WordPress and protect your valued websites from Hackers and make sure that your smile extends a mile.


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Yes. We are a WP Website Security Company.

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It’s been over Thirteen years now that WordPress is standing tall in the market. WordPress Plug-in is the heart of the CMS (Content Management System)


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Mr. Kannan Rajendiran is the founder of www.websecuritymasters.com. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth, which yields unique customers and provokes curiosity to the onlookers globally. His thumb rule is to help the clients with the cutting edge technological assistance in the security world support them to exhilarate in their business.  He manages a team of passionate techies who are highly result oriented. Under his leadership, www.websecuritymasters.com, stands, one among the top security providers in the market, possessing 500+ no of projects and has expanded globally in over 20 nations.



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We are currently working towards that magic number – 1000 🙂 At this point, we believe we will achieve that goal soon.

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Most clients rate us voluntarily and give us a feedback, which shows the human aspect of the business.

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