EQUIFAX Data breach: Approximately 143 million personal info exposed

14 Sep 2017
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Equifax is a Credit reporting giant for consumers. It collects and gathers information of all the customers, that it has over 800 million of it.

It is considered as the oldest of the three America’s largest credit agencies.

An unfortunate thing happened to the company which nearly trembled the whole of Americans. It is literally considered as the biggest disaster in the history of data breach for Americans.



  • Equifax informed that the data of about 143 million customers (U.S) was acquired in a breach.
  • The details about the breach was discovered on July, 29,2017.
  • It was informed that the credit card particulars and personal information including the birth date details and more were acquired in this attack.
  • Soon after the breach was identified, three executives of the Top management level of Equifax had sold shares in the company.
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It is to be noted that the Equifax hack could be one of the worst disaster in the history for Americans.

Equifax hack manages to enter the top 10 biggest data breaches.



The main cause is that the breach comprises of all the 143 million person’s most important personal data, including birth dates, contact addresses, social security numbers, license numbers, payment card numbers and much more.

This information and particulars links access to various businesses and companies which are into financial sectors, insurance sectors, certain other security based businesses that use phone contacts, online, etc to identify a customer.

In the future this breach absolutely helps the possible identity theft.

The Atlanta based credit reporting agency, also confirmed that the attack scooped almost 209000 customer’s payment card details (credit card).

As a measure to help you, Equifax set up a website,, to find out whether your information was exposed and to know if you are a victim of this attack.



Start the process by clicking on the ‘Check Potential Impact’.

It will direct to the page asking for your ‘Last Name’ and the ‘Last 6 digits of Social Security Number’.



Having done that, Equifax will inform the individuals by sending a message allowing them to know whether their personal particulars was compromised or not.

The company, with a motive to help the customers, had setup a emergency phone contact 866-447-7559 for any phone clarification and the homepage of the official website for any email assistance.

The time taken by the company for the proper preparation, of these setup, was nearly five weeks. Until this was done, the Credit report giant had to face many criticisms about their approach to the attack.

No matter you are using the site or not, its always worth having a security service checked for any vulnerabilities, thereby keeping your bank information, property details, Identity info and other personal significant credentials protected.


Executives at Equifax sold shares:

As a result of this massive attack, 3 senior management executives in the top hierarchy of the company sold almost $2 million, equivalent in value, of the company’s shares just a few days after the attack.

Bloomberg news made a report on it initially.

The following were the top executives who made share sales:

  1. John Gamble,Chief Financial Officer
  2. Joseph Loughran, President of U.S Information Solution
  3. Rodolfo Ploder, President of Workforce Solutions.

It happened on August 1, SEC filings show.



Let see what the CEO of Equifax got to say?

CEO Smith said,

“I’ve told our entire team that our goal can’t be simply to fix the problem and move on.  Confronting cybersecurity risks is a daily fight.  While we’ve made significant investments in data security, we recognize we must do more.  And we will.”



A Infographics is provided to gain knowledge about data breaches-CBTS.



To know what lies in the depths of the internet, see this Dark Web infographics as it gives you a better understanding about the pros and cons and how to be protective when such scenarios happen.



Shield yourself:

“The Foremost assumption a customer should make is that they are a victim and they might possibly be attacked.”



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Referring to our earlier discussions, find that your information was exposed by simply clicking on the ‘Check Potential Impact’ and once it directs you to the next page, enter your ‘Last Name’ and your ‘Last 6 digits of your SSN’.

While entering your SSN, ensure that you are working in a protected computer and using network connection which is encrypted. The website will provide you the result, stating whether you have been affected by this attack or not.

No matter whether the personal information was compromised or not, U.S customers are liable to get a free credit monitor services and other supports for a year. The website will provide details about the enrolling date. The last date to enroll is November 21,2017.


Post-breach measures:

Visit to check your personal credit reports from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The possible identity theft is set to happen when you identify any unknown activity in your account or when your account is unrecognized.

It is advisable to go to and analyze what to be done further.

It is recommended to place credit freeze on your files. It doesn’t allow anyone to open a fresh new account in your name.

Closely observe your bank account informations and credit card details for any charges you don’t seem to acknowledge.

Placing a fraud alert on your files is also considered wise if not opting for a credit freeze.

It warns and notifies the creditors that you might be the victim of identity theft and that verification will be done when anyone gains access using your name is really you.

Another significant step is filing your taxes asap before the attacker gets entire access of your tax information through SSN, to get a job or a tax refund. Do reply to IRS.

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A Small Infographics will suffice to demonstrate what has to be done post-breach.




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