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  • More than 70% of the websites are vulnerable to hacker attacks.
  • When you are prone to hack-attacks, you have to spend 10 days and $1000 and the possibility of recovery of the website is 75%. You might lose your frequent visitors and valued clients. Learn more

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We do an absolute audit of your entire website, for any potential threats and review for potential backdoors, if any.




Our regular strategy, is to apply all our patches on the staging/development environment,  before we test them in the production environment.



Everything we discovered and modified on the website will be notified and described to the client through appropriate documentation for the future reference.

We Love Our Clients

I blindfoldedly, would recommend Kannan and his team, for any Web Security related issues. Before contacting him, I had to face numerous problems on my website on a day to day basis, not knowing what is really happening. Until the day, I spoke with Kannan, I wasn’t even aware of the security protocols my website was missing completely. He explained everything very nicely and made me stress-free. His team is the best I have come across so far, that they made me realize the awareness of hackers these days and how to encounter them easily just by following a custom schedule. Everything he did to my website was magical. Now, I am happy to use my website with all the preventive measures being done to safeguard from any hack attacks, as I consider my website much valuable.

Chloe Flynn - Social community manager

Kannan is very professional and helpful and he knows his stuff very well. Honestly speaking, working with him is the best experience I had in years. Way to go Kannan. I was deeply worried about my website as it stopped to perform the way it was. Whenever I see or hear about the hack attack news, it makes me worry even more. The moment, I contacted him and narrated my web’s problems, he made me feel light hearted. He made my web safe and protected by taking all the preventive measures, by following all the security norms. He was taking things at ease and fixed out my problems within 2 days. His charges was also reasonable. I highly recommend Kan.

Patrick Bray - Founder at a Ecommerce portal

Our Clients

To our Clients, we offer high-end WP security services on a world-wide scale using a combination of expert support and providing them modern security implements.

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News on Hack Attacks


INSTAGRAM Data Breach left High Profile user’s Contact info exposed

Recently, Instagram has doubled its user base, to 700 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by Stories, web signups and better onboarding on low-end Android phones

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Spambot Server – Massive exposure of Over 711 Million Email addresses

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Taringa: 28 Million Accounts exposed due to a massive breach

Data breach notification LeakBase disclosed a hack where attackers allegedly stole the records of 28,722,877 registered users of Taringa!, a popular Latin American social media site.

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